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Are you having a hard time slimming down and attaining the physique you want despite working out regularly and eating a balanced diet? Dr. Shail Singh offers a solution at Excel Regenerative Medicine with nonsurgical body sculpting. Utilizing Emsculpt® device, our team can target and reduce excess fat from areas on your body, like your abdomen and flanks. This body sculpting treatment is minimally invasive and can be personalized according to your specific cosmetic goals. Call our San Jose, El Dorado Hills, or Antioch, CA location to set up your consultation, and find out if you're a good candidate for body sculpting.

Nonsurgical body sculpting with EMSCULPT in San Jose, CA has an exciting list of benefits, including:

  • Quick and convenient (treatment can be performed in under an hour)
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • No downtime required
  • Simultaneously burns fat and enhances muscle tone
  • One treatment is equivalent to around 20,000 crunches in the gym!
  • Can be used to slim and firm multiple areas of the body
  • Long-lasting results

San Jose, CA individuals who consistently work out and fix nutritious meals are great applicants for EMSCULPT. EMSCULPT will build your muscles, burn off stubborn fat molecules, and contour the torso and glutes. This can help your overall shape and make you appear stronger.

Because EMSCULPT is nonsurgical, you will be able to go home following your procedure.

Usually, patients notice vast improvements after the first appointment. Individuals enjoy the ease of the treatment and how quickly they notice tightening in their treated area.

During your appointment, our staff can discuss your overall health objectives and medical history to figure out if the procedure is the right selection for you. Set up a meeting at Excel Regenerative Medicine. Our professional plastic surgeon Dr. Shail Singh can help you attain your fitness goals.

Body sculpting with the Emsculpt® is quick and typically takes about 40 – 60 minutes to perform in one of our private treatment rooms at Excel Regenerative Medicine. As a touchless device, the Emsculpt® device works by delivering heat energy to the targeted areas to destroy stubborn fat cells while simultaneously applying cooling technology that helps ensure you stay comfortable during the treatment process. There is no downtime required after a body sculpting session so you are free to resume your daily routine right after you leave our office. Noticeable results are often seen 6 – 12 weeks after treatment.

Very clean very professional. The doctor was down to earth understand my needs really impressed and I’ve been to lots of places. I would definitely have all my friends and family to go there.

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Dr. Singh and Aniya were a great team! They explained everything! Dr. Singh and Aniya were very attentive and made sure to check in with me in case I needed a break to tolerate any pain. Dr. Singh also gave great advice in starting slow and natural for proper healing and recovery. :)

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Dr. Singh is an amazingly knowledgeable doctor. He does not oversell his products and services. He knows exactly what you need and be happy with it. My referrals are very pleased with his services as well and have become regular clients.

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I’m extremely happy with my experiences at Excel Medicine. The staff are always kind and welcoming. Dr Singh is a great professional, knowledgeable, honest, attentive, personable, and patient. I’m scare of needles and he always makes me feel comfortable enough to relax before treatments.I found this place in 2017 via Groupon and have only been coming here ever since. I’ve had Botox, fillers and hydrafacials with great results. I feel vey comfortable in his care.

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What Can I Expect after Body Contouring?

Individuals can continue with their daily activities after their EMSCULPT session at Excel Regenerative Medicine. Because the procedure does not require surgery, patients will not have any any severe symptoms.

Throughout the next couple of days, you may experience some soreness in your torso due to the deep contractions you felt during the procedure. Also, you will need to refrain from working out the recently treated body part.

Following the consultation, Dr. Dr. Shail Singhwill create a program to help you fulfill your wellness goals. You usually notice a more toned body following your initial procedure. However, you should schedule new visits to maintain results especially for more dramatic transformations. Our plastic surgeons normally suggests four to five EMSCULPT sessions two to three days apart.

If you have specific areas on your body where you'd like to remove stubborn fat, consider body sculpting at Excel Regenerative Medicine. Utilizing the innovative Emsculpt® device, Dr. Shail Singh and his team can help patients in San Jose, El Dorado Hills, and Antioch, CA achieve their desired shape. To learn more about body sculpting treatments, call our practice to schedule a consultation.

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How much does body sculpting cost?

The price of nonsurgical body sculpting will differ according to the specific treatment plan. At the initial consultation, Dr. Singh will ask about your desires and goals, supply you with ideas, and help you develop your specialized rejuvenation outline. Once we have a plan established, we can inform you of the price and lay out the payment options.

Where on my body can body sculpting be used?

EMSCULPT will target a number of different body areas that haven't responded to nutrition and physical activity. At Excel Regenerative Medicine, this process is generally used to resolve fat and firm loose skin on the arms, hips, stomach, back, abdomen, rear end, jowls, and cheeks.

How long do my body sculpting results last?

When you take proper care of your body, the outcomes of your EMSCULPT procedure will stay for a while. The best way to maintain the results is to sustain a healthy, steady weight. Significant changes in your weight or pregnancy following your treatment can alter your outcomes. Your body will keep aging naturally, so you may gradually get sagging skin again after a number of years.

Are EMSCULPT treatments painful?

Dr. Singh ensures that each session is as comfortable as possible. While individual experiences may vary, most patients report a sensation of intense muscle contractions without pain. The procedure is designed to be tolerable and safe, allowing patients to relax during their treatment.

Can EMSCULPT help with muscle toning in addition to fat reduction?

EMSCULPT is effective in reducing fat in targeted areas and plays a significant role in enhancing muscle tone. The technology induces strong muscle contractions that are not achievable through voluntary contractions, leading to improved muscle density and strength along with fat loss.

Is there a limit to the number of EMSCULPT sessions I can undergo?

Dr. Singh at Excel Regenerative Medicine customizes the treatment plan based on individual needs and goals. While there is generally no upper limit to the number of sessions, Dr. Singh will recommend the optimal number and frequency of treatments to achieve the best results while ensuring patient safety and well-being.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.