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Throughout our younger years, we are able to benefit from an abundant reserve of collagen and elastin that helps to make our complexion supple and resilient. Over time, this essential stock of proteins is likely to deplete, making your skin lose firmness. This causes signs of aging and a sagging appearance. If you would like to address skin laxity, then you may want to consider nonsurgical skin tightening at Excel Regenerative Medicine. By using innovative radiofrequency (RF) devices, BodyTite and AccuTite, nonsurgical skin tightening helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the face and body so you can obtain tighter, healthier skin. In San Jose, El Dorado Hills, and Antioch, CA, Dr. Shail Singh is happy to offer nonsurgical skin tightening for patients who want to renew and smooth their appearance.

As soon as you come to Excel Regenerative Medicine for your procedure, we'll start by thoroughly sanitizing the treatment areas. We can provide a topical numbing cream to soothe the area during your treatment, but any minor discomfort should be short-lived and tolerable. When you are ready, we will smoothly pass the AccuTite or BodyTite handpiece along your skin multiple times for your fullest outcomes. This method helps prompt your body's innate generation of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin taut and supple over time. AccuTite is a small device used to treat areas on the face while BodyTite is a large device used to treat areas on the body, such as the arms, abdomen, and thighs.

EM staff super knowledgeable on all of the services and products. Very friendly and great bedside manner. Lam is super helpful and great customer service. Facility is clean and staff is super professional. I would drive the distance to see them. Amazing experience and they treat you like family.

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Definitely my favorite place to go for all my beauty needs. Simply the best! Dr Singh addresses my concerned with multiple options and treated me the same day.

TM Office Visit

I have been going to Dr. Singh for a few years now. He is so knowledgeable and I always feel so comfortable in his office. Hands down the best place to get injections or any other service! You’ll leave in an uplifted mood after seeing him and his staff!

JB Office Visit

My dentist said I should get Botox. WHAT?! I wasn't sure if I should be offended. For years I have clinched my teeth so much that I have broken molars, cracked a molar, fractured a root, and lived with constant tooth pain and headaches. Even opening my mouth wide for the dentist was difficult and painful. So my dentist, after trying everything else, said I need to have Botox injections for my oversized jaw muscles to relax them. I wish I had known about this years ago! What a difference this has made in my life. I want to personally thank Dr. Singh, one of the few doctors who will help in this area, for his expertise, for his warm demeanor, and wonderful staff . I have also branched out with their services and with their help I have lost the 30 pounds that refused to budge despite diet and exercise. Good bye diabetes!!! Thank you Dr. Singh!

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Dr. Singh is the best Doctor I have ever met! He knows where to inject in your face. I have been his patient for years and now my friends are coming to see him as well with the result they saw on my face. Even though it is a long commute for me and my friends to Dr. Singh’s office, but it is worth to see our face naturally younger and beautiful. Apart from being a fabulous doctor, he is a great human being!!!! Finally I am not scared of aging now...due to him.

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If you want firmer skin, set up a visit with Dr. Shail Singh to hear more about nonsurgical skin tightening, an effective nonsurgical treatment that requires no downtime. This treatment works to address droopy skin to give you a smoother, taut look. If you have the first symptoms of skin laxity, we invite you to contact Excel Regenerative Medicine at one of our locations in San Jose, El Dorado Hills, or Antioch, CA so we can craft your specialized treatment plan for nonsurgical skin tightening.

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