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What Is A Hair Transplant?

Losing your hair, while common, can be distressing. If nonsurgical treatments are not enough to slow or stop your hair loss, it could be time to think about hair surgery. Dr. Shail Singh performs hair transplants for San Jose, CA patients who want thicker, fuller hair. Hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive and uses innovative technology to remove and then place individual follicles with precision. We choose the best donor follicles from the back part of your head and then implant them where they're wanted. Dr. Singh utilizes a special device to carefully put each follicle graft so your results appear and feel healthy. If you have advanced hair thinning or bald spots, schedule a consultation at Excel Regenerative Medicine to learn more about hair transplant surgery.

What Happens in A Hair Transplant?

Your transplant procedure will be performed at our San Jose, CA office using a local anesthetic on your scalp. An oral sedative could be added to help keep you calm throughout the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Singh will talk to you about what to expect during your procedure, including how long it will take. When you are prepared, Dr. Singh and his staff will start the process. While they operate, you will be able to relax and listen to music or watch TV.

Your donor follicles will generally be taken from the back part of your head since this is an area where hair growth is constant. For moderate to large grafts, the back and sides of your scalp might have to be shaved. For smaller cases (less than 1,000 –1,200 grafts), you may only have to get a little strip of hair shaved that will be covered by the hair over it. The donor hair is removed in follicular units, typically about 1 – 4 hairs. The hair removal procedure is randomized so that the hair around the extracted follicles will grow back and then camouflage the follicles that are extracted. The transplanted area is going to be planned by Dr. Singh based on the depth, angle, orientation, and density of your scalp to give you natural-looking outcomes.

Service is excellent but very over priced

A.G. Google

Best Dr ever. I am so sad I moved really far away but when I lived in Bay I always went to Dr. Singh. He is amazing. He is a dr who cares about you not the money. He always guided me well and discouraged me from overdoing any treatments thats not needed. Love that. If I ever visit bay again I will be seeing Dr. Singh for sure

N.H. Google

Dr.Singh is very professional, knowledgable and friendly. My skin improved a lot. The service is great also, the staff are so friendly and accomodating. Love the service!!

C.N. Google

Dr. Shail Singh is the BEST! I’ve been coming to him for years now. My sister referred me to him and I referred my mother, so now the 3 of us get treatment by him. You can tell he’s very sincere and doesn’t just care about taking your money. He actually cares about the patients and it makes me feel more at ease and comfortable. I went in to get all kinds treatments but consult me to better treatments and took out the ones I did not need yet. That’s how I know he actually cares and knows exactly what he’s doing. I trust him 100%.

L.A. Google

Absolutely one of the best and most multi qualified doctors' i I have ever met. He Hires only the best of the best to work for him and trust me they are very results oriented! From San Jose to Sacramento you will not find a better anti aging doctors office. He is also very spiritual, which is right up my alley!

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Regrow Your Confidence

Although hair loss is very common, it can lead to stress or lowered self-confidence. If you are interested in a long-term hair restoration solution, schedule a consultation with Dr. Singh at his office in San Jose, CA to learn more about a hair transplant. This surgery at Excel Regenerative Medicine can help you to get fuller, thicker hair.

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