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If you wish to enhance the way you look with personalized treatments that will exceed your expectations, you've found the right place! Our highly skilled staff at Excel Regenerative Medicine is thrilled to treat individuals near San Jose, El Dorado Hills, and Antioch, CA with an array of unique cosmetic desires and ambitions. Over the years, we have enjoyed receiving countless reviews from patients of all sorts who have benefited from our care firsthand. We encourage you to look over our extensive list of reviews to imagine the goals you might achieve by placing your trust in our care.

Reviews for Excel Regenerative Medicine

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Nov 04 2020

"Still Patiently Waiting for the Result - Got the treatment about a month ago, haven’t seen difference yet but it normally does take about 6 weeks to see result, so I’m patiently waiting. Staffs were SUPER NICE AND FUN! Will definitely go back to try out their other services."

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Nov 16 2019

"Sculpsure to correct unevenness from liposuction - I had liposuction of my abdomen/waist/flanks in 2015, which while improving my contours/shape also left me with some unevenness on my stomach. Fast forward to 2019, I had gained about 10 pounds over the years, which exacerbated the unevenness, making it more visible. I had a visible shelf of fat above my belly button, and this really affected my self-esteem. I had briefly considered sculpsure, but after reading about the possible side effect of increase in fat cells, I decided I didn't want to take the chance, no matter how rare. When I heard about sculpsure, I thought this might be just the procedure for me since I wasn't dealing with large amounts of fat. I ended up doing 4 applicators, 2 on my lower abdomen and 2 on the upper abdomen, with the doctor positioning them in such a way as to even out my unevenness. I was very happy with the clinic and the provider, as the doctor had a great bedside manner, and he really put me at ease. The treatment itself was somewhat painful - more so than I expected, but not intolerable. Definitely much less painful than liposuction, and the pain was only during the treatment. I wouldn't let the pain deter me from getting this treatment. Now, as for the RESULTS.... the area is noticeably smaller. I still see a little uneveneness, but it is a huge improvement from what it was before. I am already happy with the improvement, but I will probably do a second treatment so I can be happy and confident in how I look. I am really glad I decided to get sculpsure instead of trying to have revision liposuction, as it was less painful and less likelyhood of irregularities. I did want to mention I had some loose skin in the area and the sculpsure improved my skin tone/elasticity to some extent, which was great. My least favorite part was probably waiting for the results to see if it worked, but the improvement was definitely worth the wait."

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Jul 05 2019

"Super excited at the results so far - Almost 49 had some significant smile wrinkling where my cheek pad used to be. Felt too young for a surgical facelift. Had no idea this procedure existed. Super excited at the results so far. Have some swelling and bruising but all is a fair when intentionally having procedures. Overall it went well. The numbing shots in the chin hurt. Super sharp feeling but for a few seconds. I could not feel most of what was happening. It felt more like sharp needle pain occasionally and briefly. Then I also felt pressure and towards the end I could feel the pain of a tender bruise effect on my face. That pain intensified the next day and started to subside following days. I’m 8 days post procedure. I still feel bruised and have mild green/yellow bruising."
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